Meet Tanorria

Chef Tanorria Askew from MasterChef Season 7 brings you the spark for your next celebration: Wine Cakes.  What? You’ve never heard of wine cakes? Five years ago, two Hoosier foodies got their heads together to decide what the world needs. Betty had been feeding people for years in her dinner theatre. Daina was a caterer with her own line of gourmet pot pies. But they wanted to create something unique—something no one else had ever tried. Then it came to them – Wine Cake Mixes! You may have tasted one of their Yours Truly wine cakes.

This idea launched them into 2 years of trial and error, taste and destroy, and love and laughter when they finally got it right. Their families, friends and casual passersby on the street tasted bite after bite until the balance of flavors was just right.  The chocolate and red wine must please the palate as well as the heart and there must be harmony among all the cakes. The next 3 years were spent traveling the Indiana countryside sharing their wine cake mixes with you through gift shows. But, all good things must end. Betty and Daina have now retired.

Enter Masterchef Tanorria, known for her family-focused and home-style cooking approach, to take the helm of these wine cakes. Tanorria is taking these specialty cake mixes to the next level with new recipes, updated flavors, and cooking ideas that are sure to rekindle your joy of baking. Introducing Treats by Tanorria Specialty Cake Mixes - one more way that Tanorria is bringing delicious, inspired creations into your home.